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  • Size: W830 * D1500 * H1600mm
  • Weight: about 170KG
  • Power: 800W
  • Product description:
*New concept parent-child interactive boat water shooting game, alternate single-player mode or two-player battle, shoot the boat into doors of different colors to get a lot of lottery tickets.
*Shooting the waterwheel to replenish the energy to stimulate the power size of the water cannon.
*The steamer chimney smoke function looks cooler and more vivid.

Size: W830 * D1500 * H1600mm
Weight: about 170KG
Power: 800W

1. New concept parent-child water-shooting lottery machine, replacing single-player or two-player battle mode
2. Adding a fantasy colorful waterwheel, shooting the waterwheel and storing energy, can activate the special effect of the large water column, the shooting power is more powerful, and the game is more exciting and interesting.
3. During the game, the color of the door will change randomly. Shoot the boat into doors of different colors to get different points, and the corresponding lottery will be awarded according to the points.
4. The chimney of the ship has the function of emitting smoke and playing the steam whistle of the ship, which simulates the real situation and attracts the attention of players
5. The machine is equipped with sterilization and disinfection functions, which is safe and hygienic. It is also equipped with an automatic water replenishment device to maintain the stability of the depth of the water level, so that players have fun and the operation of the venue is assured.
6. The game time can be adjusted according to the requirements of the venue
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