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  • Size: 2400*1070*2080mm
  • Weight: 300kg
  • Power: 300W
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Product description:
Product parameter
Size: 2400*1070*2080mm
Weight: 300kg
Power: 300W
Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz

Product parameter
Size: W2040*D2050*H2000mm
Weight: 200Kg
Power: 700W

1. After inserting the coin, press the start button to enter the game screen;
2. To start the game, only the first level is optional. After the first level is cleared, the level will be unlocked except for others, allowing children to try as they please
For other levels, unlock the last level and defeat the final boss after completing other levels.
3. Play the game;
4. In the game, shoot and destroy all monsters blocking your progress, be careful! They will attack you!
5. Defeat the boss, come show your skills!

This product has a unique appearance and exquisite workmanship. It uses a 42-inch high-definition LCD screen to display game images in high-definition. The sound was shocking, as if in the game. Continuously innovating technology has turned the shooting gun into the fastest and most connected machine among current shooting machines.

Agent Pea 2 is a 3D stereo virtual first-person camera perspective two-player ball shooting game machine. The whole machine is designed around the game theme of attacking zombies. The appearance inherits the first-generation translucent body of Agent Pea. The game vision is wider and easier to attract players. , Combining the form of the level game to attack the zombies in different scenarios, it is more challenging to play and even more interesting.
The machine structure or software design technology is a new breakthrough. This game is different from the arcade machines on the market to achieve substantial changes in the game experience. It is in line with people's interest in new things and is also a trick to achieve high revenue. It is suitable for different playgrounds and is the pioneer of future children's playgrounds.

1. Although it is a zombie shooting, it sounds very different, but the game is like human interaction with the player through the pea, which reflects that the game is alive, and is indirectly connected with the current cosmos where people pay attention to environmental protection. During the game, I realized caring for everything in the world.
2. This game is different from the arcade machines on the market to achieve substantial changes in the game experience. It conforms to people's ideas of interest in new things and is also a trick to achieve high revenue.

1, Peas agents control the player first-person shooter pea fort against zombie attack as the background, gradual progressive difficulty. There are a total of six levels for players to challenge each level there will be different types of zombies and dazzling unique scenes and tense atmosphere, to give you an immersive experience. The last challenge Dr. Evil zombie fun unlimited.
2, Game screen cartoon based, the visual effects are relatively mild and will not allow players to have rigid visual sense. Oncoming waves of zombies slowly, giving players a strong visual oppressive reflected. Game cartoon picture more interesting, all ages, ideal for couples cooperative interaction fun.
3, The host designs using full penetration style, compared to similar shoot the ball machine a broader perspective and is equipped with LED lights seats, fiberglass hard seat, the player during the game feel more comfortable; The use of 42-inch LCD screen, resolution 1080P Full HD screen.
4, Transparent structural support on both sides of the chassis frame with milky white plastic, colorful marquees when lit, can achieve the effect of stealth skeleton; lighting with LED lights, more energy-efficient compared to traditional lighting, colors more diverse.
5, Sent the ball round ball round recipe using self-developed material, more wearable, increase the service life; increase anti-card lottery ticket machine hardware, both for the convenience of the customers to easily install various votes and eliminate the problem of card counting.

1. Coin, start the game.
2. Shooting zombies have the opportunity to get help from plant partners.
3. A total of six off, beat the final boss victory!


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