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product features:
1, 4 levels, 5 weapons, 5 dynamics, the game is exciting and fun.
2. The 55-inch high-brightness, high-contrast, beautiful picture quality screen of 1080P LCD makes the gaming experience more vivid.
3. Four-channel surround sound system, live-action voice, real, immersive, and immersive.
4. Two people play games at the same time, a good choice for parent-child and interaction, high cost-effectiveness ratio, and high revenue.
5. Easy, normal and difficult adjustments are adjusted according to the player's level, and the revenue is guaranteed.
6. Cool appearance, small footprint, more suitable for different venue applications, low cost, high revenue!

Game description:
1. Coins;
2. Select 1P or 2P and press the start key;
3. Select the game level to enter the game.

Adventure Tour is a two-person parent-child interactive simulation shooting game machine. It has a 55-inch 1080p beautiful image quality LCD screen. It occupies a small area and is more suitable for different venue applications. The equipment is equipped with a four-sound surround sound system for a better playing experience. Four major game levels, which contain a wealth of dynamic games, suitable for players of all ages, multiple game scenes, multiple game props, and dynamic changes to make the game more exciting and enjoyable. It is also equipped with a difficulty adjustment system that can be adjusted on demand. Control revenue at all times.

Product parameters:
Size: W1156*D1400*H2000mm
Power: 900W
Weight: 240KG

Dynamic A9 simulation laser gun, a more realistic experience, combined with the dynamic experience of screen changes, exciting and fun.

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