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Shooting Game machine

  • ICE MAN 2


  • Size: D2400*W1120*H2200mm
  • Weight: 300 kg
  • Power: 1200W
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Product description:

Size: D2400 * W1120 * H2200mm
Weight: 300 kg
Power: 1200W
Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50Hz--60Hz


1. After inserting the coin, press the start button to enter the game interface;
2. Select the level on the shooting game map and start the game;
3. In the game, freeze all the zombies that attack you with a water gun;
4. Defeat the BOSS to get bonus points and win lottery tickets.

1. The exterior design uses ice crystal as the theme color, and the light box seat blister design exudes a strong chill, showing a strong color impact, creating a mysterious and exciting game atmosphere.
2. With attacking zombies as the game theme, a 10-year outdated game, there are 6 different game scenes, and a variety of independently designed zombie characters appear in different game scenes.
3. 3D VR visual effects double water jet machine, the game has more than 42-inch vision, combined with the game to eliminate zombies on both sides, the gameplay is more interesting, and it is more suitable for 1P2P players to play cooperatively.
4. Inherit the "Water Cannon" function of Frozen Man 1st generation, and start with multiple pipes. Players compete for props in the game, increase firepower to eliminate zombies, and compete for more lottery rewards.
5. Trigger the "Big Water Cannon" and the "Icy Fog" function will appear, allowing players to be more involved in the game and destroy all zombies in front of them.
6. Xiongxiang Technology water products are equipped with the industry's first disinfection and sterilization system, no need to change water, safe and reliable! Adhering to the play tenet of safe games, healthy games and happy games.

"Frozen Man 2" is an STG shooting game aimed at arcade 3D platform. An entertainment game machine for children aged 5-12.
Continuation of the work of the previous "Frozen Man" game. Aiming at the psychological needs of children, we have designed a more enjoyable experience plan for the children, and the game will be improved in quality. The game has high entertainment effect, strong fun effect, rich and interesting content, high playability, and high attractiveness, which will make children love it. Tailor-made for children is simple to operate, easy to use, and experience the fun of the game. At the same time, it cultivates children's rapid response ability and the spirit of calmness in facing difficulties. The devastating attack method + collecting puzzle gameplay gives children unprecedented joy and pleasure.

This product has a unique appearance and exquisite workmanship. It uses a 42-inch high-definition LCD screen to display game images in high-definition. The sound is shocking
In the game. Innovative technology and exciting game plots have created the most popular machine.

Frozen Man 2 is a brand-new model designed with ice crystal as the theme. The overall more fantastic lighting effects are dazzling and dazzling. The game theme is based on attacking zombies. 6 different game scenes with different self-designed zombies appear, combining "water cannon" and "spray The novel function of "smoke" better attracts players to play, and is equipped with a disinfection and sterilization system function, so that players can play healthier and safer.


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