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  • Water fantasy
Water fantasy

Water fantasy

  • Size: D2460*W1100*H2200mm
  • Power: 1500W
  • Weight: 350KG
  • Product description:

Product parameter

Size: D2460*W1100*H2200mm
Power: 1500W
Weight: 350KG

Magic Water War is a new concept game water shooting amusement machine created by Xiongxiang Technology 2019. The theme is the ocean, and the design is innovative in science fiction, which is more attractive; 6 levels of different styles of the game, game props are richer and more interactive, combined with cuteness The theme character of the game reflects the fun of the game, and the revenue can be doubled.

Children's amusement park must be equipped with parent-child interactive water jet
Innovative appearance design 6 major game levels, more interesting gameplay

Game description:
1. After inserting the coin, press the start button to start the game;
2. Select the level of the shooting game icon to play the game;
3. In the game, shoot fish with a water gun;
4. Defeat the BOSS to get extra points and win lottery tickets.

1. Innovative and interesting water gun injection gameplay.
2.5 different prop guns (freeze gun, stun gun, dissolving gun, adsorption gun, dyeing gun) to enrich the experience.
3. Novel large blisters and smoke effects.
4.6 Game levels with different styles, and various scene interactions in the levels.
5. According to the experience of the game, different handle vibration effects are generated to enhance the sense of substitution in the game.
6. Marine-themed shape water jet machine, brilliant lights and dazzling brilliance.

Magic world
1. A self-developed game that took more than a year
2. The story of the magical world, with 5 scenes and 5 levels
3. Hidden levels, new props and new scenes will appear before the summer vacation
4. The interaction is very strong, the monster changes and the mechanical interaction is combined
5. The left and right guns are combined into a heart shape, and the interaction is enhanced
6. Currently testing 2 domestic venues, more than 100 orders from Japan and more than 100 orders from the UK

1. The magical world is designed with a marine theme to satisfy children's water love, stimulate and enhance the play experience;
2. Shooting "props", the effects of large blisters and smoke are realized at the same time, and the play experience is doubled and "cool";
3. 6 game levels of different styles (magic, factory, desert, seabed, volcano, beach);
4. 3 kinds of gun props (water injection gun (new), freezing gun, stun gun), 3 special effects, 3 dynamic experiences;
5. According to the progress of the game, different level props will be obtained, and the handle will produce different vibration effects;

product details:
1. The game characters are cute, and the attack will "expand" explode;
2. 5 different prop guns (freeze gun, stun gun, dissolving gun, adsorption gun, dyeing gun), will produce different dynamics;
3. The left and right guns are put together into a heart shape
4. 3D LCD screen, full visual somatosensory

Product Features:
1. Entertainment and puzzle in one
2. Cultivate children's comprehensive abilities, such as reflection ability and coordination ability.
3. Enhance parent-child interaction, cultivate and strengthen parent-child relationships from an early age.

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