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Smart devices and video games have a contradiction?
Two years ago - that is, gen consoles PS4, Xbox One has not publicly - when the PS3 and Xbox 360 is already a spent force, the European and American media, "dead game" remarks begin intensified. The same remarks in the early 2000s after the PS2 and Xbox launch and 年 2006 PS3 launch, there have been both before and after. Such statements appear in the European and American media, has its historical rationality. In China, now we often hear, "We have to play smart phones and tablet to go, who would play the game?" That argument, but this argument on rationality questionable. 
"Dead game" point of view for a long time 
Home console replacement every six years on average, during the same hardware core configuration cyclical developments. This frequent replacement of IT equipment in the field is quite special, besides heavy gaming applications there is a very high performance requirements. However, the video game market is a giant to control is extremely difficult to enter the market. Cyclical behind the video game industry has been running for 30 years set and performance is also good business model. To the end of each cycle, all aspects will be questioned from many angles in this mode is not it should end, the market is not it will be more participants, more innovative models to take over. For example, the old model leads to "missing the spirit of innovation within the industry," and "the rapid development of the Internet", "digital distribution", "platform to hardware trend", as well as the latest "challenge smart mobile devices." A variety of reasons, a variety of new things will be pulled to as insurgents. 
Simple look, and European markets in the PS, N64, Saturn generations, total equipment sales is 93 million units; on PS2, Xbox and NGC generations, overall sales of the device is 100 million 25 million units; in a generation, PS3, Europe Xbox 360 and Wii total sales reached 200 million units. During this period a 3D game after game industry growth, the rapid growth of the Internet, various events and the economic crisis. While the market share, video games showed a slow downward trend, but we prefer to interpret the market to mature after the game, the oldest game industry sectors reasonable relative decline. Because from a sales point of view, the entire video game is growing - the PS4 and Xbox One three-month total of more than ten million good start to a new industry confidence. In the past, the game because of the price, piracy, the degree of localization and other reasons, the market is mainly concentrated in developed countries. Game market development track and route of developing countries and developed countries differ, our ten years of rapid development of online games is a good example, the Chinese game industry is a PC / bedroom den at the core. With the liberalization policy, sustainable economic development in emerging countries, foreign research institutions began to forecast future growth in emerging markets will be the main driver of growth in the game console market. 
Overall, for the entertainment of people time, effort and money are limited, but the entertainment needs are complex. In the past, people used to it in the bedroom, living room with a PC to play games; Now, the practice of using smart phones and tablet computers to play games. Different platforms, different equipment, different application scenarios of different game content determined to meet the needs of different types. Habits and the market will take time to develop and prove. Fragmentation mild gaming applications to a single person anywhere in the living room can be replaced with moderate to severe multiplayer game application do? For a ban of 13 years of the "new market", is now able to assert game consoles as well as a variety of domestic box future? All this we can only wait and see. 
July 31 this year, organized by the "next-generation consoles and digital home entertainment products Exhibition (ACH)", was lifted after the domestic game market giants debut. The current domestic game market has developed to a certain level of maturity, overseas manufacturers are no longer free to gold fields. In the parlor game entertainment, gaming giants how to adapt to foreign domestic market? How to catch a domestic manufacturers of wind lifted the console market? Both put together and how this field blank bigger and stronger? I believe in the current of ACH everyone will get a satisfactorily answer.