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"Fantasy Zhu Xian 2" announced the winners of its eighth war service
Wonderful week has started! Today, no freezing cold medication feel Moe da ~ ~ look freezing cold and bring you what kind of a message! 
[Today] Star Love always exudes charm anytime, anywhere "Gemini" 
The best view of the front of the vehicle look good condition. Negligent maintenance man had better do it quickly. Note that in addition to transport accident situation may arise, there is also contrary to extra-budgetary expenditure on transport costs may drive family care violations punished or towing. 
It seems that today's "Gemini" children to be careful out slightly, do not let bother week's unexpected mood Oh! 
Well, we get down to business! "Fantasy Zhu Xian 2" eighth inter-service PK tournament list freshly slightly ~ ~ 
Group A: 
Champion: * Prevention of Cruelty to dream Huo clan (Penglai if the dream) 
Runner-up: De Edge Dream Team (Penglai if the dream) 
Runner-up: the Ni Ni ah clan lines (Dance of flying) 
Group B: 
Champion: "Inst" clan (ryongyon Court) 
Runner-up: Lin Xi * STAR Team (Penglai if the dream) 
Runner-up: Encounter Clover (spring and King Ming) 
The above winning team can not only enjoy the pirate king baby, seven Compass array and the corresponding statue is the title, but the championship teams also get a new "wings Light"! More on that tall, all the winners of the junior partner clan belongs servers will also enjoy double experience 24 hours a day!