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"Punish evil" team easily spike artifact major events
"Universal fight every day PK" This is no lock 2.5D fighting game "punish evil" the essence of team play. Especially in the latest development of the ladder of competitive 3V3 mode, the battle for the universe tower, gang hegemony, spiritual pulse guard, neutral world BOSS and other interactive multiplayer team play, the most popular; And if the team a copy of the group's major brush system, in addition to conventional outside the reward, the more unexpected mystery "team award." In short, "punish evil" in the world, team play, another big game called "artifact", enough to easily spike in major events, the team let you Fun "punish evil" easier! 
Sin Temple team grab his sword meteorite resources 
Meteorite Sin Temple is "punish evil" neutral map of the most developed independently with the players themselves can improve and enhance the level. Collecting crystals, kill the witch leader, to compete meteorite Legend, fearless fighter and so is the elimination of meteorite Sin Temple will do daily tasks, resulting very generous reward. After the players enter the meteorite Sin Temple map, the system automatically prompts players to team up to compete in the crystal, meteorite Legend, Sin war beast meteorite and other resources, more efficient stimulation; avoid a single person to do the task, the enemy camp was ravaged populations, instantly become cannon fodder. Xiao Bian Tip: meteorite Sin Temple, but the highest rate of gang warfare erupted neutral map, the team completed the best way to play.