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GJM famous "City of Fantasy" adaptation Baidu online games proxy
"City of Fantasy" fiction January 2003 issue of the year on a record circulation of 840,000 recorded in the country ranked the third best-selling literary book list, since it is introduced, "to commemorate the sales of two million" revised edition. It can be said, GJM contributed to "City of Fantasy", and "City of Fantasy" is also the achievements of the GJM. 
According to "City of Fantasy," an adaptation of the same name game "City of Fantasy OL", is a combination of Chinese and Western gen 3D fantasy MMORPG online games. Game revolves around the main character in the novel, tells the story of a joint rescue all kinds of spiritual sense by Picasso story. The entire game on the novel structures and power sources in the world has a more detailed description and presentation. GJM himself on his own novel of the same name's first online game very seriously, closed the game several times to explain the research and development stage and the City of Fantasy fictional description of the whole story structure, making the planning staff in the game, more close to the novel itself, so that readers have a stronger vested feeling.