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3D stereoscopic virtual first-person camera angle double shot ball game - the game introduces peas agents

Peas agent is hung Cheung technology independently developed the world's first 3D stereoscopic virtual first-person camera angle Double shoot the ball game, whether it is the machine architecture or software design technology is a new breakthrough, this game is different from the market of games, arcade experience substantial change, in line with the idea that people are interested in new things, but also to achieve high revenue tricks. Playground for different places, is a pioneer in children's sites for future applications.

Game background
The plant has been a warm and peaceful home, suddenly appeared one day a strange variety of homes and destruction of plant zombies captured companions. Later we learned that this group had sudden zombie zombie scientists created disturb the peace, so pea shooter Warriors decided to single-handedly save the companion was arrested, beat zombies scientists also plants are a peaceful home.

Game Description
"3D double shooting zombie" This is a 2D imitation game "Zombies", directed to pass through the STG platform 3D arcade shooting game.

The two protagonists in the first person shooter control pea fort against zombie attack as the background, gradual progressive difficulty. There are a total of six levels for players to challenge each level there will be different types of zombies and dazzling unique scenes and tense atmosphere, to give you an immersive experience. The last challenge Dr. Evil zombie fun unlimited.

The game screen with cartoon-based, the visual effects are relatively mild and will not allow players to have rigid visual sense. Oncoming waves of zombies slowly, giving players a strong visual oppressive reflected. Game cartoon picture more interesting, all ages, ideal for couples cooperative interaction fun.

Game Operation Introduction
    There are two cannon on the console table and 1P, 2P players each have the OK button, the transmitter station may transmit direction is up and down around a small margin, the key is to determine when to enter the game and need to buy ammunition partners and special effects press. Muzzle launch pad and the game is controlled transmitter corresponding direction. The direction of movement of the lens based on the difference in the two forts point changes, we need two players of all positions with the shooting attack zombies.

Zombie Who
Each level offers different zombie characters, a total of 11 kinds of zombies character design, and different functions, gives players a different gaming experience, the game to maintain freshness. Each level of the monster wave attack respectively, from a slow start out of more than 10, to be the last one to be defeated, there will be a big wave of zombies approaching, 20 simultaneously attacking zombies.

Props Introduction
In each level offers game props, players shoot props icon through owned and used immediately, props effect is able to accelerate the speed of bullets, the player during the game and exciting experience another kind of game, the odds props system design It is 10%, so can greatly help to get higher scores.

Players game time set
Players are beginning to have a protective shield to protect players (protection time: The background setting of 50% of the time), at this time, the zombie attack on the player's blood will not cause harm. After the guard time, the player is attacking zombies once deduction of 20% of the blood, no blood renewable credits.

In the lottery system operators
After the game players, according to the score and decide the number of lottery tickets.

Gameplay Description
1. coin to start the game;
2. Shooting zombies plant partners have the opportunity to get help;
3. The total of six off, defeat the final boss to win!