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Scientists give you five reasons! Let you know the game is good
I believe most like to play the game with friends will encounter opposition from parents. Parents and news from time to time there will always remind you of the consequences of playing the game, in addition to myopia infirm, abandoned their studies, career nowhere, outside of a shortage of funds, and sometimes even life-threatening. Therefore, in the eyes of adults, it seems that playing games is a luxury and pernicious activities. But starting today, you can finally use the following reason these five scientists offered to refute them!
First, playing games can increase brain capacity
In fact, the study has been completed for some time, and the final result is the "capacity to play the game people will increase in some areas of the brain."
The study by the German "Max Planck Institute for Human Development and Charité University", they let the subjects in the study for two consecutive months, every day at least half an hour after play Super Mario 64, they used magnetic resonance imaging study subjects brain scan and found there are three areas of gray matter in the brain increased significantly, namely: the right side of the hippocampus, back and sides of the leaf amount anterolateral cerebellum. These areas of human space cruise, memory encoding, strategic plans and actions related to hand skills. And interestingly, they also found that if the subjects themselves have a strong desire to play the game, then the effect will be more pronounced.
More importantly, they believe it can reduce the risk of people suffering from diseases associated with the capacity of these brain regions, such as post-traumatic stress syndrome, psychotic disorders (schizophrenia, translated 2014), and neurodegenerative diseases.