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New Game Console Recommendation - Hoop Shot

Hoop Shot Features

1. There are 65inch screens on the machine with colorful animation displaying.

2. Max 16 units basketball link up, game center and online leaderboards.

3. There are 4 level,and you can choose 3 kinds of difficulty to play.

4. The unique basketball machine with game results evaluation,professional statistical analysis.

5. Convenient folding package transport design,load 18 units machines by one container.

Contact Us

Contact: Ms. Demi

Phone: +86 13928827528

Tel: +86-20 23885078

Add: #A12,Startoon City,Yingxin Road, Donghuan St.,Panyu Dist.,Guangzhou city,Guangdong Province,China P.O.BOX 511450

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